Unlocking Opportunities for Sustainable Growth in Chad: The CBCS Approach


Welcome to the Chad Business Consulting & Services (CBCS) blog, where we share valuable insights and updates about our innovative approach to business. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our self-sustaining business model aimed at creating a more sustainable system for tactical equipment maintenance and repair in Chad.

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Empowering Military Personnel and Civilian Students

At CBCS, we firmly believe in the power of education and training to transform lives and empower individuals. Through our partnership with L3Harris, we are excited to provide education and training on vital technologies such as networking, radio communications, and telecommunications to both the nation’s military personnel and civilian students.

By equipping the military with the necessary technical skills, we aim to enhance their capabilities in maintaining and repairing tactical equipment. This not only ensures the readiness of our defense forces but also significantly reduces reliance on external support and associated costs.

Furthermore, our focus on civilian students is equally important. By offering training programs in these key technologies, we are equipping them with valuable skills that are highly sought after in today’s digital age. This opens up new avenues for employment, entrepreneurship, and economic growth, ultimately contributing to the overall development of Chad.

Unlocking New Markets and Business Opportunities

Our self-sustaining business model is not only about education and training; it also has the potential to unlock new markets and business opportunities for L3Harris in Chad. By creating a skilled workforce proficient in networking, radio communications, and telecommunications, we are paving the way for innovative solutions and services.

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Chad, with its growing economy and increasing focus on technology, presents a promising market for L3Harris. With our partnership, they gain a competitive edge by having a local representative that understands the market dynamics and can effectively cater to the unique needs of clients in Chad.

Moreover, our self-sustaining model positions L3Harris as a trusted partner in the long run. By investing in education and training, we are building lasting relationships and fostering loyalty among our clients. This not only drives business growth but also enhances the reputation of L3Harris as a responsible and socially conscious company.


The CBCS approach to sustainable growth in Chad goes beyond traditional business practices. We are committed to making a positive impact on society by empowering military personnel, civilian students, and unlocking new opportunities for business growth. Through education and training, we are building a more self-reliant system for tactical equipment maintenance and repair while equipping individuals with valuable technical skills.

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We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we embrace innovation, foster economic development, and create a brighter future for Chad. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from CBCS.


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